Living and Dining

ROMANKO’S ROOST was a chicken decorating theme that Terry landed on years ago.  It was an easy decision to continue it. The living room has a bay window over the herb garden and also a central view of the apiary. With two full sized sofas, it sleeps two.

Internet is available and there is a television in this room.

The Rose Room


THE ROSE ROOM is named for Terry’s mom, Rose.   It has a beautiful view of the backyard and in the spring the view will be colorful with the young orchard blooms. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at the bay window. This room has a queen size bed so it sleeps two. Additionally, we have a cot and it would fit in this room with no problem. An air mattress will help larger families/groups.

The Barn Room

Big Brown Barn is empty now. She was home to a cow. She remembers milking time, cats, and children.

Big Brown Barn has window eyes. She is old. She is wise. She tells Moon about her cow, cats, and children.

Big Brown Barn and Moon both know — Good things come.  Good things go. Memories keep good things alive — Cow, cats, children.

-Amy Ludwig VanDeerwater

The Barn Room

THE BARN ROOM is a theme that suites my country girl taste. I don’t want to forget that serving families can include boys and girls of all ages.  Try housing boys in a lacy pink room! Since I like barns, that was it.  Who doesn’t like a barn? This room has two twin beds.

The Kitchen


Choose Happy

The kitchen is reasonably equipped with a coffee maker, a few pots and pans, eating utensils, and other things you might find in a kitchen.  The best part of the kitchen, though, is the garden window.  Every kitchen should have one.

Other Facilities


I share my laundry room with guests but the machines are wonderful.  We use all natural products to keep the septic working so I supply this to all my short-term guests.

Main Bath

Oh, the sunken jet tub… But for your day to day needs, the shower has a dual head and dual seats.  There is about a four inch step up.

Second Bath

I think that if you had to hear about a drawback from the suite is that the “second” bath is only a quarter-bath (commode only) and is off the laundry room.  It has a curtain for privacy because the space is not conducive to a door. Just so you know before you get here.